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Chat with event organisers, booth managers and attendees on your mobile device.


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Host Construction Expo Events Without Hassle

Our platform is fully customizable. Manage booths and the halls easily. Promote sponsors you want to and manage their banners.

Our Platform allows you to:

  • Manage Booths

  • Manage Halls

  • Customise Auditoriums

  • Customise Information Desks

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Everything you need to know so you can use vExpo like a pro.

The virtual expo is designed for online use and to resemble a conventional expo centre, with lobbies, networking and exhibition halls. There are booths for showcasing projects. An online attendee can view booths/stalls, peruse soft brochures, or chat with sales representatives in real-time, attend keynote presentations and network with virtual stall owners as per his/her convenient time and location.

vExpo is Pakistan's first-ever virtual expo that connects vendors, developers, consultants from Pakistan's construction industry with potential customers. The event will showcase products, services, innovations and ideas that are environmentally and economically sustainable. No need to spend a penny on printing materials, travel or construction of stalls.

Visit dozens of Projects, exchange contact information and interact with vExpo's stall owners. At the online event you’ll be able to: Interact one-on-one with stall owners. Download product manuals, demos, brochures, videos on your computer for further reference. Connect with your industry peers through audio, video and text messages. Shortlist or Buy the best available deals.

To register, log on to and complete the ‘New Registration’ form. Fill out the online form to complete your registration. Once registered, you can access the digital event soon. You will also receive a reminder email just before the launch of vExpo.

vExpo will be live soon. Once the event is up and running, you can use the login information (username and password) created at the time of registration to participate in the event. (If you have forgotten your password, reset it using the ‘forgot password link from the homepage.


Real Estate and Construction Virtual Exhibitions

vExpo primarily focuses on providing the best platform for a seamless virtual exhibition experience. Explore more by requesting a demo today.

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